Wellness Therapies

Experience the Art of Healing

At Intuitive Spirit Healing Arts (ISHA) the term “wellness” refers to the state of feeling and being healthy in one’s body and mind. Pain, injury, imbalance, depression, stress, etc. can make us not feel well.

Wellness therapies such as Yoga Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reiki, and other bodywork can be beneficial options. At ISHA our focus is on providing evidence-based treatments to address your goal for healing.

Our Tools of the Trade

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy incorporates traditional yoga with modern mental and physical health sciences. Sessions are customized to the individual and their specific health needs and goals.

Massage Therapy

For wellness benefits, massage can reduce pain, promote relaxation, reduce stress, and help with the healing process.

Reiki Energy Therapy

Reiki is an energy modality that works with the energetic field and subtle bodies of a person.

Integrated Positional Therapy

When you have been suffering from chronic pain, Integrated Positional Therapy is a great option.  It takes treatment to a deeper level by re-positioning and using passive movement to the body in ways to communicate to the deeper muscles.

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