Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy modality that works with the energetic field and subtle bodies of a person. It is a wonderful opportunity to catch deep rest as the body’s systems get to restore and receive healing energy. Our Therapist offers master level Reiki with a deep understanding of how the psyche and physical body receive those healing techniques of Reiki.

This is a clothes-on session that requires you to do nothing, but to relax and receive.  Because there is not a lot of movement in this session, people tend to get cold easily.  So if you know that it is easy for you to become chilly, bring socks and a long-sleeve.  We will provide blankets if you need them, as well.

Reiki connects with the nervous system and glands in the body, but through energy.  This is a wonderful session and option if you are looking to reduce stress, promote relaxation, or have a medical condition that does not allow you receive a massage.  It is great for pain management, before & after surgery, and for overall healing; whether physical or mental.

Benefits from getting this type of modality include:

Rest and relaxation

Pain management

Before and after surgery

Reduce anxiety and depression

Relieve fatigue

Calm the overall nervous system

Option for when you are not able to have a massage or bodywork

This treatment is also ideal for those who are overworked, overwhelmed, and overtired.



There are no contraindications for receiving Reiki if you were diagnosed and under treatment for cancer.  

Please keep in mind that this is not a replacement for the cancer treatment your doctor has you on.  Please continue to take any medication you have been prescribed. 

Check in with your doctor if you are feeling worst in any way after a session.

Cold, Flu, or other Types of Virus

If you have a cold the flu or strep throat (or the like), it is preferable for you to wait until you get better before having your massage.  This protects you, the therapist, and other clients. 

It protects you because sometimes if you have a massage while you are sick (especially at the start of the cold or virus), it may make you feel worst.  With effleurage, we are moving blood, lymph, and other fluids in the body and will have a better chance (not in a good way) to spread the virus in areas it may not be present or was not planning to go. 

If you stay home and rest, then your body will do what it is good at by giving your immune system a chance to take care of those little buggers.

Injury or Surgery

Reiki is perfect for recent injuries.  We usually advise taking a rest right after an injury before receiving a massage.  However, once you have gone to your doctor to make sure it is nothing serious or needs to be dealt with in the moment, Reiki is the next best thing.

Skin Issues

If you have skin issues that are contagious at the time you are having your service, please contact us and re-book your service until the inflammation has gone.  These would include poison ivy, poison oak, chicken pocks, shingles, herpes flare-up, scabies, staph infection, or the like.

However, if you have eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis these are okay to receive a massage.  They are not contagious.

Other Health Concerns

If you have other health concerns that you are not sure if massage could help or not, please consult with your doctor.

Referrals of a Doctor

Keep in mind that if you have been referred by your doctor and you are working with a specific condition, always let your doctor know your progress and when you received your massage.  


Massage Therapy or other healing services we do here, we do not claim that it will heal or cure diseases.  Please do not stop taking any medication your doctor prescribed you with.  If you think you are feeling better as a result of your healing arts services, please have a discussion with your doctor and get a reliable test done to track any changes you are experiencing. 

Yes, we do alternative services here, but we have great respect for the care a physician can provide.  When we work together, we all (including you) can better serve you for a healthier and thriving life.

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