Reiki Healing Therapy (90min)

A healing modality that focuses on rest and relaxation. Experience master-level sessions. Reiki (in its development) was inspired by medical Qigong. It acknowledges the energetic pathways for healing.

Traditionally, Reiki is done in person by a trained therapist. It uses light to no touch. However, with the onset of a global pandemic, ISHA has developed online sessions that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Master-level therapists are trained in distant healing. We incorporate this technique while being with you via telehealth.

Intuitive Spirit Healing Arts Reiki virtual appointments differ greatly from in-person sessions in that we do require some participation from the client. In a typical session, the therapist may place light hand-placements in key areas that coordinate with major glands and organs. 

For this virtual appointment, we will guide you with using those hand placements, work with you to establish an affirmation for each placement, and work distantly for healing treatment.

Appointment Length, Follow-up, Packages

Longer Session

1 – 90min Session $80

Reiki for Chronic Conditions

4 – 60min Sessions $100

Additional Sessions beyond 4

1 (each) 60min $30

*Prices are subject to change

Request for Reiki Options
Contact form for interest in services and packages.
The best phone number to reach you
If you are ready to book a package, please let us know which one and include your availability in the comments.
Must have an initial session before signing up for additional full sessions or follow-up appointments. Payment plans are available.
*Email is better for general questions that is not regarding immediate booking request. Phone or video (via Zoom) is best for consultation and booking request.