Cost ​ How many Length Savings
for 2 sessions60 minutesat $65 a session
​for 4 sessions​60 minutes​at $50 a session
for 2 sessions90 minutesat $45 a session
​for 4 sessions90 minutesat $75 a session


​Cost How many Length Savings
for 2 sessions60 minutes​at $40 a sessionSELECT
​for 4 sessions60 minutesat $35 a sessionSELECT
for 2 sessions90 minutesat $60 a sessionSELECT
for 4 sessions90 minutesat $52.50 a sessionSELECT

Why buy a package? Packages are very ideal when you are looking for a consistent treatment and want to save money while giving your body and mind exactly what they need to be healthy and happy. From my experience as a therapist (and as a client of massage), sometimes one treatment is just not enough to really get the body back to a more balanced and stable state. Being able to have multiple sessions gives the therapist the time to revisit areas that may have loosened, but have not completely released.

Purchasing a package can be essential to a complete experience. Especially if you have a stressful job or lifestyle. With this deal, you are better supported.


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Intuitive Spirit Healing Arts provides a variety of services around the skillful art of healing. Choose a single session or a package.

You have the option of paying for your services online through the booking gateway we use (Acuity Scheduling). We do have a cancellation policy. We ask for 12 hours in advance for any cancellations. Cancelling less than 12 hours is a 50% forfeiture.

We are open to payment plans. Please contact us for more information. We ask for initial payment upon booking if you need a payment plan for packages.


Not only does Intuitive Spirit Healing Arts provide a mindful and professional approach to treatment, but we also provide excellent customer service. Without that, your experience cannot be complete (in my opinion). Your experience starts with booking to the time after you are off the massage table.