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To keep up with your healing process, follow our blog at  This is where I will guide clients who are looking to enhance the result of their treatment.

Intuitive Spirit Healing Life is a blog site that integrates health, healing, and wellness information.  Our prime focus is on healing modalities, such as massage therapy, bodywork techniques, and yoga.

We intertwine this information with common physical and health concerns, and how to make your lifestyle work for you with these tools.  Basically, how to get back on track with your life and feel good again.

It is such a pleasure to be able to share this information.  Many of the techniques we talk about come from ancient practices that are popular again as a result of studies being done and clients response to various modalities after having a session.  Some we talk about, may not be as popular, but are very useful.  So our mission is to educate you about their benefits.  We address expectations of receiving a service, what to look for in a good & healthy therapist, and what are things you can do for yourself and family in between services.

The goal and motivation of sharing this complimenting information is to provide alternative ways people can benefit from healing practices and have a way to cope with stress and stressful lifestyle.  The biggest concern for most people is centered around health issues; and from observation, people are in constant search for long lasting and alternative ways to deal with these various issues.  Intuitive Spirit Healing Life (ISHealingLife) provides easy to comprehend and specific ways to accomplish individual goals.  We stand out by our approach to healing and extensive knowledge, and fun ways of learning essential tools for establishing healthier habits and a productive lifestyle.  We provide different ways for self-care and self-empowerment.

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