Fund a Business with a Purpose

I am raising money to increase Intuitive Spirit Healing Arts resources as a business, expand our outreach and to ensure we have the ideal equipment that will allow me to run business efficiently and successfully.

I enjoy sharing healing resources to empower people to live healthier lives without stress, pain, anxiety and depression. In addition to working on clients, I provide easy to follow guides that anyone can do on their own at home to help correct pain inducing habits. These guides are provided via written material, online tutorials and classes. This money will ensure I provide quality and useful information for people who really need it. 

This goal also includes being able to hire a team, train future therapist, and having a reliable work space that can accommodate content production & additional treatment spaces.

With your donation I will be able to provide these resources and more, to a wider population; as well as expand my services to include under served communities, who can benefit the most from this. So, please help me save lives, one massage at a time.

Thank you.