Deep Tissue Massage

This is a medium to firm pressure, full body massage.  Deep Tissue addresses the deeper layers of the muscles, which can be challenging to get to with a simple rub.

This massage is perfect for muscles that are in chronic pain and are stubborn.  Perfect for the everyday person who has a stressful life, physically demanding job, healing from an injury, tend to have poor postural habits, and who has a mentally stressful job.

The flow of this massage can be very slow.  This way we can be more mindful and listen to the body while working on it.  The slow pace also gives time for the muscle to “hear” the touch. 

We are talking about a long period of time in which stressful muscles have gotten to a tensed position and are unable to let go. So, it is more effective to slow down and give the muscles a chance to catch up.  It also ensures that bruising will not occur.  

In this treatment, we are going very deep and I encourage you to speak up. If there is an area of your body that does not like that pressure, please communicate to your therapist and let her know to lighten up.

Benefits from getting this type of massage includes:

*  Relaxes the deeper layers of muscles*  Breaks up stuck and adhere fascia*  Reduce stiffness
*  Increase blood flow*  Improve cellular nutrition*  Stimulates nervous system
*  Work out waste in the tissues*  Lengthens and relaxes muscles*  Stimulates the lymphatic system
*  Relieve fatigue

Techniques used in this modality includes a deeper level of effluerage (gliding accompanied by some compression), petrissage (with more emphasis on squeezing deeper toward the bone), skin rolling, compression on a deeper level, friction, trigger point techniques and using techniques that moves the superficial muscles aside to get to the deeper layers of muscles. 

The therapist may use finger tips, elbows, forearm, and fist to target troubled areas.  The other focus of deep tissue is the fascia.

Fascia is typically more of the cause of soreness than you may expect.  They can adhere together and create intense sensation.  So in this treatment, the focus is on breaking up the adhesion. 

One way you are able to tell if it’s fascia that is bothering you is, when you press into the area and you feel and hear “crunchies”. Our goal is to break up those “crunchies” and free up the fascia, which then frees up the surrounding muscles.

This treatment is also ideal for those who play sports or does any kind of repetitive movement throughout the day.

Other Useful Information


It may not be the best idea to get a Deep Tissue Massage if you are in current treatment or are under 3 months out from stopping treatment.  If you feel like you really need a massage, Swedish Massage would be more ideal.  Please connect with your doctor to get his or her professional opinion on this.

Just like with Swedish massage, Deep Tissue can effect the lymphatic system.  If you have known lymphatic issues, had lymph nodes removed, or diagnosed with cancer and currently in treatment, or have been out of treatment for less than 3 months; it is important to let your therapist know.  

However, it is an awareness that must be shared so that your therapist can better serve you.  At Intuitive Spirit Healing Arts, we have been trained for addressing these issues and are capable in adjusting to anything you may need.

Cold, Flu or other Types of Virus

If you have a cold the flu or strep throat (or the like), it is preferrable for you to wait until you get better before having your massage.  This protects you, the therapist and other clients. 

It protects you because sometimes if you have a massage while you are sick (especially at the start of the cold or virus), it may make you feel worst.  With effluerage, we are moving blood, lymph, and other fluids in the body and will have a better chance (not in a good way) to spread the virus in areas it may not be present or was not planning to go. 

If you stay home and rest, then your body will do what it is good at by giving your immune system a chance to take care of those little buggers.

Injury or Surgery

If you had a recent injury or surgery, give yourself some time before having that area worked on.  If there is healthy swelling or warmth in the area, that means your body is being a superstar by starting the healing process.  With massage, you don’t want to risk taking that effort away from your body by moving the healthy swelling or warm out from the area it is serving. 

However, if you are in excruciating pain, you can still book a service to help with the pain.  You can book an energy work like Reiki or Energy Balancing; or just let your therapist know and we can work around it.

Skin Issues

If you have skin issues that are contagious at the time you are having your service, please contact us and re-book your service until the inflammation has gone.  These would include poison ivy, poison oak, chicken pocks, shingles, herpes flare up, scabies, staph infection or the like.

However, if you have eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis these are okay to receive massage.  They are not contagious.

Other Health Concerns

If you have other health concerns that you are not sure if massage could help or not, please consult with your doctor.

Referrals of a Doctor

Keep in mind that if you have referred by your doctor and you are working with a specific condition, always let your doctor know your progress and when you received your massage.  


Massage Therapy or other healing services we do here, we do not claim that it will heal or cure diseases.  Please do not stop taking any medication your doctor prescribed you with.  If you think you are feeling better as a result of your healing arts services, them please have a discussion with your doctor and get reliable test done to track any changes you are experiencing. 

Yes, we do alternative services here, but we have great respect for the care a physician can provide.  When we work together, we all (including you) can better serve you for a healthier and thriving life.

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