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I am a candidate for a Master’s of Arts degree in Yoga Therapy at the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH).

This is my last year and preparation for graduation. For this semester (Fall 2021) there are 3 or more opportunities for experiencing yoga therapy.

The majority of the focus is for me to obtain hands-on experience in a therapeutic session using the skills I learned throughout the learning semesters.

Specific dates we need participants (clients) for the Fall semester are:

DatesTimeType of SessionLocation
October 15th11:30 amIn-person sessionClinic Office
November 19th11:00 amIn-person sessionClinic Office
November 20th9:00 amTelehealthOnline
Location of appointments is in Laurel, MD near Columbia, MD
  • Because we are using an actual therapeutic center, there is a fee (at a discount) for in-person services.
  • Telehealth (via Zoom) is free and space is limited.
  • Free in-person participation sessions are available for my non-clinic assignments (Dates differ than listed above).

Additional Info

Next semester, Spring 2022, will be full and follow-up sessions. Dates: TBA

My goal is to perfect my craft. As a current therapist in massage, I have a lot of experience in holding therapeutic sessions and do so with professionalism. 

There are lots of benefits to receiving yoga therapy. Participating in these sessions offers the opportunity for you to find out how.

To learn more about MUIH and the Yoga Therapy Master’s program, click here.